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As a hospitality business, success depends on providing high-quality service. Your guests and patrons are the lifeblood of your company—and that comes with a wide range of unpredictability.  Does your hotel insurance or restaurant insurance cover you if one of your guests slips, trips, or falls? Your customer service scores may be through the roof, but what steps have you taken to protect the safety and privacy of your customers? How do you know that your hospitality insurance programs are setting your financial health up for long-term success? 

You can’t afford to let your hospitality insurance plan fall to the wayside. Accidents and security incidents are becoming increasingly common:

  • Slips and falls are so common in the hospitality industry that “slip-and-fall accident” is now a common legal term.
  • Between 2022–2023, global hotel occupancy rates have remained between 50% and 65%.
  • In 2019, a major hotel group’s data server was breached, compromising locks, in-room safes, and other security management devices.

Hospitality business insurance is all about peace of mind. It’s the benefit of knowing that you can continue to provide the best service possible while ensuring that your guests, employees, and your business are shielded from risk and liability. At DHW, personalized service is simply part of our DNA. Here are some of the common hospitality insurance challenges that our clients turn to us for:

Complete market coverage—Our hospitality insurance programs cover the entire marketplace, leaving no stone unturned for your own personal best coverage option.

Cyber threats and breaches—Our day-to-day lives are dominated by technology—and security breaches. The hospitality industry is no different. Whether it’s maintaining client records, processing payments, or storing confidential employee information, you need to ensure that your hospitality insurance has you covered in the event of a technological breach.

 Safety and security—As a hospitality business, you are coming face to face with risk every day. Ensuring that you are covered through a variety of scenarios means understanding that risk and taking steps to protect your staff and guests. Whether it’s controlling key card access, managing security patrols, or installing panic buttons in rooms, our hospitality insurance experts can advise you on how to keep safety and security top of mind. 

 Lost room revenue—Hotels depend on high occupancy levels to keep their business thriving. When occupancy drops, your bottom line can be significantly affected. A well thought-out hotel insurance plan will keep you covered through seasonal dips, unexpected closures, cancelled events, and more. 

 Business interruption—We can’t control when disaster strikes due to hurricane, flood, or fire, but we can manage the impact. Your hospitality insurance should be well-prepared to take these into account so that your business can continue to succeed, despite business interruptions.

Hospitality insurance programs tailored to your unique business.

We know that the hospitality industry has its own unique challenges to overcome. And when the success of your business depends on keeping guests happy, safe, and coming back for more, you have little room for error. 

Here are a few of the most common hotel and restaurant insurance challenges that our clients rely on DHW to solve:

  • Expert knowledge of a broad and dynamic industry
  • Proven experience in: 
    • Small restaurants
    • Bars/taverns
    • Fine dining
    • Upscale restaurants
    • B&Bs
    • Inns and motels
    • Resorts
  • Stability in carriers and insurers
  • Right combination of services related to specific exposures for clientele

No two hospitality businesses are alike—and neither is their insurance coverage. At DHW, we pride ourselves on being a true partner, invested in understanding your needs and committed to helping your business thrive. See the difference that Dedication, Heart, and Wisdom can make in your hospitality insurance.

Case Study: Slips and falls create increased hotel liability. 

Medical expense coverage pays for your medical expenses regardless of who is at fault. The coverage limits depend on your policy, but they are typically between $5K and $10K. What does a medical expense claim look like? Picture this scenario for hotel insurance: 

A guest is walking through the lobby and slips and falls, injuring their back. Medical expense coverage could be triggered right away, even if the hotel is not at fault and the guest tripped over their own untied shoelace. This opens the door for liability and all of the associated costs that come with it. 

Commercial general liability (CGL) can be a double-edged sword. For some clients, many slip-and-fall claims are either due to the claimant’s own error, or staged for a quick insurance payout. How can you ensure that your guests (and your business) are properly protected against both injury and fraud?

With proper medical expense coverage on a CGL policy, the slipping and tripping guest can still sue and trigger a bodily injury claim—but the burden of proof falls on them, the injured party, to prove the hotel was at fault for their fall. Our hospitality insurance programs are designed to put our clients’ needs first, which includes having a well thought-out hotel or restaurant insurance plan that prepares for the unpredictable.

Key takeaways: 

  • The right coverage is key when creating commercial general liability plans 
  • Hospitality insurance means planning for the unpredictable
  • Our Dedication, Heart, and Wisdom helps clients choose the best hospitality insurance plan for their guests, clients, employees, and all other aspects of their business

Your business is unique and so are your needs.

DHW understands hospitality is an unpredictable industry. Inventory, seasons, exposures, and employees all play a large role in your company’s forecast. DHW has a wide range of carriers that specialize in programs that we team with to create risk control before claims happen.

When your business is providing exceptional service, you expect only the best for all of your business needs. Regardless of the type of hospitality business, DHW can provide the coverage you need to protect you from the unexpected risks tied to the success of your business.

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