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Finding the right wholesale insurance plan is no easy feat. As a wholesale business, you have unique licenses, requirements, structures, and business models—and you have your own unique risks to consider in order to keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly. And there are plenty of risks to consider, such as: 

  • Wholesale businesses are booming in the U.S. Combined, wholesalers brought $8 trillion in revenue in 2018. 
  • OSHA has deemed warehouses as a workplace environment with one of the highest risk levels for accidents and injuries.
  • Property insurance is crucial for warehouses; over the past five years, national wind and hail damage claims accounted for nearly $15 billion in total damages.

Why choose DHW for your wholesale insurance plans? Our insurance for wholesale distributors comes with key advantages to keep you outperforming in your industry, including: 

Complete market coverage—Our wholesale insurance programs cover the entire marketplace, leaving no stone unturned for your own personal best-coverage option.

Property insurance—Physical damage to your office, warehouse, or equipment can be devastating. Fires, burst water pipes, hail, and wind can strike at any time—and having the right property insurance can make all the difference. Prepare for the unexpected with dedicated, one-on-one service from DHW. 

Liability insurance—As a wholesale business, you have a ton of moving parts: and those moving parts often translate into increased risk. Are you prepared to face a lawsuit, handle an investigation, or pay for settlements? How will you address libel, slander, or copyright infringement? We can help you find the answers with a strong liability plan, ensuring your business is set up for long-term success. 

Property in transit—Are your goods protected both in the warehouse and on the road? Do you have the right trucking insurance plan for wholesalers? So much of your business’s success depends on keeping your products safe, from warehouse packing to transit and delivery. Let our wholesale insurance experts create a robust property-in-transit plan to protect your most important assets, no matter where they are.

Crime—As a wholesale business, you may need additional coverage that isn’t typically covered by commercial insurance. We can help you design the right plan for your needs, taking into account risks such as theft, burglary, employee dishonesty, and more.

Wholesale businesses succeed with Dedication, Heart, and Wisdom.

At DHW, we know the challenges that wholesale businesses face. It’s our Dedication, Heart, and Wisdom that drives us to develop a deep understanding of each client’s wholesale business and their needs, effectively minimizing risk, supporting growth, and developing personal relationships. Here are a few of the most common wholesale insurance challenges that our clients rely on DHW to solve:

  • Navigating third-party liability
  • Faulty products
  • Damaged or stolen inventory
  • Injuries or illnesses
  • Protecting valuable equipment

We pride ourselves on becoming a true partner to our wholesale clients, working hand in hand toward success and becoming an extension of your team. Think of us as your own personal “Outsourced Risk Manager.” When your business depends on protecting your employees, warehouses, production centers, and distribution lines, DHW is by your side to help cover your most important assets.

Put wholesale business expertise and wisdom to work for you.

Whether it is observing warehouse operations and identifying improvements, or designing a new loss-sensitive insurance program, the goal is the same: to design an insurance program that gives you a competitive advantage over your industry peers, in the best way possible for your business.

When it comes time to find a partner to help protect your wholesale business, you need a company which has the experience you need to meet your company’s unique needs. Look no further than DHW to provide expert advice on risk management in the wholesale industry.

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