Real Estate

“There have been few things in my life which have had a more

genial effect on my mind than the possession of a piece of land.”

- Harriet Martineau -

Tailored real estate insurance policies built specifically for you.

Building owners and real estate developers have plenty of risks to consider when it comes to property development and management. Is your building (and its contents) protected from losses due to fire, theft, or a natural disaster? Will your business be liable if one of your workers makes a mistake? There is a lot at stake for property managers to maintain a comprehensive policy:

  • The real estate industry is growing; in 2022, property management brought in more than $99.449 billion in annual revenue.
  • In 2022, 16 percent of the country’s GDP was comprised of real estate.
  •  In the US, the commercial real estate market size reached  $1.2 trillion per revenue.

Property management insurance coverage and real estate liability coverage is crucial to ensuring that clients and tenants are equally protected. More importantly, a solid commercial real estate insurance policy keeps your business strong. At DHW, our clients have come to rely on our residential and commercial real estate insurance expertise. Here are just a few ways that we help our clients: 

Complete market coverage—Our real estate insurance programs cover the entire marketplace, leaving no stone unturned as we build your own personal best coverage options.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate—Commercial real estate insurance and residential real estate insurance are two sides of the same coin, but each has its own rules, regulations, and needs. Whether your insurance needs are residential or commercial, we can ensure you have the right coverage and liability provisions to set you up for success.

Property Management—Property managers encounter a high level of risk every day, as they screen and work with tenants, maintain safety codes, keep the property in shape, and collect rents. Handling leases or evicting tenants only increases the stakes. Comprehensive property management insurance coverage can keep every aspect of your day-to-day responsibilities safe and secure for years to come.

Professional Liability—What happens when your property is involved in a bodily injury or property damage claim? How will you handle a lawsuit or investigation? We can help you find the answers with a strong real estate liability insurance plan, ensuring your business is set up for long-term success. 

Directors and Officers—If your business is a large real estate corporation, directors and officers (D&O) insurance is a crucial asset. Protect your personal assets and your spouse’s assets with a tailored policy for directors and officers of real estate companies.

Errors & Omissions—No matter how careful or skilled you or your workers are, mistakes will happen. Make sure your business doesn’t suffer from litigation or liability with E&O coverage, to avoid paying out of pocket. 

Our real estate clients succeed with Dedication, Heart, and Wisdom. 

Our Dedication, Heart, and Wisdom helps us develop a deep understanding of each of our clients’ needs, effectively minimizing risk, supporting growth, and developing personal relationships. Here are a few of the most common real estate insurance challenges that our clients rely on DHW to solve:

  • Hard-to-place properties
  • Older or historical buildings
  • Flood and wildfire zones
  • Claims resolution
  • Navigating through the claims process

Let us focus on keeping your work safe through real estate insurance coverage so that you can focus on building your business. We understand the unique challenges that developers and building owners face, and we can help you conquer each one.

This is how we become a true partner to our real estate clients, working hand in hand toward success and becoming an extension of their teams. Think of us as your own personal “Outsourced Risk Manager” who helps you overcome any hurdle that comes your way. When your business depends on designing, building, managing, and maintaining strong and safe structures, DHW is here to create equally well thought-out real estate insurance coverage.

You built your business. Let us help protect it.

If you are a building owner or a real estate developer, you may need to insure a building, a strip mall, or large developments. We understand the core challenges facing this industry—and they are much more than just property insurance. DHW will simplify your real estate liability insurance and make sure your property and assets are protected.

The real estate investment and development business is an ever-changing landscape. Let DHW provide the map to help protect your investments from the unexpected.

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