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No matter what kind of car you drive—from a Ford Fiesta to a Ferrari F50—you need to have personal auto insurance. You can’t predict what will happen when you are on the road, especially when it comes to other drivers. And while we might be able to select the quickest route from point A to point B, your GPS won’t tell you when to brake, swerve to avoid hitting a deer, or switch lanes to avoid a pothole (at least not yet).

Not having the right coverage can increase your risk exponentially while driving in California. Consider the following:

  • In 2016, there were more than 268 million registered vehicles in the U.S., resulting in approximately 5 million crashes and 2.2 million injuries.
  • Rules and regulations for filing a claim after a car accident differ from state to state. California uses a “fault” system, which means drivers are financially responsible for any damage they cause.
  • Car insurance rates are on the rise across the U.S. In California, the average premium falls between $1,301–$1,700.

Why choose DHW for your personal auto insurance? Our types of car insurance come with key advantages to keep your vehicle and everyone in it protected, including: 

Recreational Vehicle—Whether you have a motorhome, a pop-up camper, or a caravan, recreational vehicle coverage is essential. Routine upkeep costs can skyrocket in an accident, with replacement costs easily jumping into the tens of thousands. Our insurance experts will work with you to find the best recreational vehicle coverage for your needs, including total loss replacement, emergency expenses, towing and roadside coverage, and even campsite or vacation coverage.

Gap insurance—Car insurance plans do not typically come with gap insurance included. But what does gap insurance do? It’s elective coverage that can quickly change a fender bender from a huge problem into a minor inconvenience. Consider this: if you get rear-ended and the opposing insurance company deems the car a total loss, you’ll get a check for what they consider your car to be worth. 

But if they say your car is only valued at $5,000 and you still owe $7,000 on your loan, who pays that extra $2,000? Without gap insurance coverage, you do. You’ll need to keep making your car payments until the loan is complete—even if the car is totaled. Gap insurance is what will pay for that outstanding $2,000 between what your car is worth and what you still owe. It ensures that you don’t get stuck spending more money than you need to.

Replacement—Similar to gap insurance, replacement coverage helps ease the financial burden that comes when a car is deemed a total loss. Replacement insurance availability has car-specific requirements, so you’ll want to reach out to one of our representatives to find out if your policy is eligible. 

Collector / Vintage vehicle—If you have a collector or vintage vehicle, you need a different type of personal car insurance. DHW can help you understand the differences between these types of coverage and ensure you choose the best policy for your driving habits. (And good news: if you aren’t driving the car every day, your coverage may even be less expensive than traditional car insurance.)

Classic cars—A classic car never goes out of style; but the type of coverage that you choose could. Standard policies often do not offer enough coverage for damages or loss in a classic car, which could be a huge issue in the case of an accident. With DHW, you can be sure that your classic car is covered from this decade into the next.

Protect every drive with Dedication, Heart, and Wisdom.

When an accident happens, you need to know that you are fully covered for damages to your car, personal injury to yourself or to your family, and any damages to another car or driver. Personal car insurance goes a long way in keeping your assets safe—including yourself and your family—while driving. Here are a few of the most common auto insurance challenges that our clients rely on DHW to solve:

  • Collision damage
  • Weather
  • Vandalism
  • Theft

With DHW, you get much more than just comprehensive auto insurance. You get a true partner, one who is invested in understanding your needs, assessing your risk, and creating tailored solutions for you and your vehicles. Drive with Dedication, Heart, and Wisdom and see the difference that we can make in your personal auto insurance.

Explore the open road with peace of mind

Your auto insurance is a partnership between you and your insurance company. Choose a company that you can trust, one that puts your needs first—not their bottom line. We can protect you against financial loss if you have an accident; help you understand your coverage; ensure that you are meeting state requirements; and most importantly, create the best policy for your needs. 

If you’re ready to insure your vehicle, look no further than DHW to provide expert advice and high-quality personal auto insurance plans.

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