10 Ways Employers Can Fight Workers’ Comp Fraud

For employers workers’ compensation fraud can be an issue. We previously discussed how you can detect a fraudulent compensation claim. But the good news is there are several things employers can do to make their workplace open, safe and productive. 1. Foster a Fraud-Free Workplace. Start by talking to your employees about workers’ compensation. You […]

New OSHA Regulations for July 2018

ANNOUNCING NEW OSHA REGULATIONS STARTING JULY 1, 2018 DO THESE CRITERIA APPLY TO YOUR BUSINESS? Your company has 10+ employees. Your company is NOT listed on OSHA’s industry exemption list. (Not sure if you are on the exemption list? Check here.) ‍IF YOU ANSWERED “YES”, YOU WILL NEED TO START REPORTING WORK-RELATED INJURIES TO OSHA. If your employee misses more than 24 hours from work due to a workplace injury, you are required to […]

Customer Feedback Loops: How do I make it work for me?

Customer feedback is often one of the most valuable investments a business can make in taking steps to continuously improve their service and customer retention.  While we all love to get those glowing reviews when people see all our hard work and dedication but it is those negative reviews which have the most value.  Those […]

Top 5 Recruiting Methods in 2018

One of the top struggles facing businesses today is the lack of quality candidates and managing the employee lifecycle effectively.  With this in mind, DHW Insurance Brokers has compiled a list of the top tips and tricks to help attract and secure top talent regardless of your industry. ‍ 1.       TREAT TOP CANDIDATES LIKE YOU WOULD […]

Top 5 Business Insurance Gaps

Is your business adequately insured? Check the five most frequently neglected insurance areas below to find out. #1 Cyber Insurance If your business collects customer or client information, you are at risk of data theft or exposure. In the event of a data breach, cyber insurance can cover legal expenses, judgments, or settlements related to […]

DHW Brokers | Insure Your Business

Business owners have too many responsibilities these days to become experts in insurance. You need to spend time growing your business, not learn the nuances of the ever-changing insurance landscape. And a properly customized insurance policy takes time and expertise. That’s why DHW becomes your partner. We find the exact policy for your needs. What […]

How To Protect from Workers’ Compensation Fraud?

By some estimates, as much as 25 percent of all U.S. insurance fraud claims are related to workers’ compensation. Although small businesses are least likely able to cope with the ensuing expenses, they are the ones that are hit the hardest each year by workers’ compensation claims. “Workers’ compensation fraud is a serious crime that can […]