DHW’s DNA: Dedication. Heart. Wisdom.

The letters DHW represent the names of the company’s founders, and they also are a shorthand and daily reminder of the firm’s mission: Dedication, Heart and Wisdom. With the complex challenges in insurance and liability facing businesses and families today, it isn’t easy to find the time to become an expert in insurance. That’s why DHW is your insurance expert.

In an age where online automation is replacing the human touch – especially in the insurance industry – DHW stands out because we work hard to earn your trust through our highly personalized, hands-on consultative approach. Once we get to know you and your coverage needs we customize the most cost-effective and comprehensive insurance package.

And when we work with you, we become your partner in protection, prevention and risk management. We listen, deliver and solve complex problems the way no other insurance brokerage can.

We stand by our clients through difficult situations. You can always count on DHW’s brokers to have your back and ensure your peace of mind.

We believe every relationship deserves Dedication, Heart and Wisdom.


DHW is not simply a channel for you to file a claim. We are your partner offering creative solutions to reduce your insurance costs. We research and find ways to save our clients’ money while simultaneously improving their coverage. We strive to exceed their expectations and often do it imaginative ways.

We see an immediate response to our dedication every day when we get referrals from our clients. Many individuals and families choose us for their insurance needs because of the outstanding service we provided for them at their business. To us, it’s the greatest praise: It that tells us we’ve done our job.


For DHW, insurance is not just dealing with adversity, but establishing the measures that prevent it the first place. DHW works with you to prevent disasters through consultation and offering information about industry best practices so you can make the necessary changes. So while we can’t prevent a mishap, we have helped prevent costly or unfortunate situations from becoming very expensive. We do this by putting the right advice and protection programs in place up front and researched solutions at the time of the claim.

One example of this is covered in our Case Study of a custom home builder and a high-end cabinet shop based in the San Francisco Bay Area. A long-time employee for the cabinet maker lost two fingers while on the job and the company was slapped with steep fines from OSHA. DHW reached out to experts who have considerable experience dealing with OSHA and were able to reduce the fine by 85 percent.

We bring the same commitment to our community and non-profits and give back to our community in the form of pro bono work for those who cannot afford it. We contribute and participate in charity events, like The Jewish Home of San Francisco, Project Hired, Housing Choices Coalition, The Girl Scouts of Santa Clara County and other philanthropies.


The case of ABC Construction Inc. is an example of the many well-researched solutions where we saved our client from excessive fines and reduced their exposure. It comes from our over 55 years in the insurance business. We were founded in 1960 and are now in the fourth generation of ownership. The collective years of experience in our team means we’ve seen almost every situation. That’s why we know how to prevent loss and protect your business and family.

We’re insurance experts so you don’t have to be. We solve problems and we build custom insurance programs to fit your specific business and personal needs. We simplify and clarify the complexity for you so you can do what you do best.

When you call DHW, you’ll immediately experience why we’re different. It’s our Dedication, Heart and Wisdom that we bring to each client relationship. We’re your partners in protection, prevention and risk management. In fact, we’re the last insurance brokerage you’ll ever need.

DHW’s DNA: Dedication. Heart. Wisdom.


It’s our Dedication, Heart and Wisdom that we bring to every client relationship. We’re your partners in protection, prevention and risk management. In fact, we’re the last insurance brokerage you’ll ever need.

Talk to our insurance broker experts today to discuss how we can help you with your insurance needs. Please contact Terry Stotka at tstotka@dhw-ins.com or 925.922.2200.