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Business owners have too many responsibilities these days to become experts in insurance. You need to spend time growing your business, not learn the nuances of the ever-changing insurance landscape. And a properly customized insurance policy takes time and expertise. That’s why DHW becomes your partner. We find the exact policy for your needs.

What is our method? Since no two business listening to what you need, where you’ve been and where you anticipate going. Other providers’ cookie cutter approach can cost you (and make them) a lot of money!

Your continued success ensures our continued success. So we look to protect you in ways that you could not anticipate because we’ve seen it before. Whether it’s navigating the ocean of OSHA regulations or finding a more cost effective solution for your growing business, DHW is there to solve the difficulties of the of ever-changing regulation.

You Shouldn’t Think Insurance: That’s What We Do For You.

The Small Business Administration recommends that a business should “assess your insurance coverage on an annual basis.” DHW does that for you by scheduling and performing annual reviews to make sure your coverage is scaling with your business. Without this approach, you may be caught underinsured should disaster strike.

The value of your DHW broker is that we regularly provide our clients with the right amount of insurance as opposed to many insurance agents that sell policies “off-the-shelf” which are unlikely to provide your business with proper coverage. This is because we all face unique risks, and so in order to be protected against those risks, you need to customize your policy to meet your specific needs.

Brokers Make Better Partners.

As a rule of thumb, insurance brokers are recommended over insurance agents because you are more likely to get independent advice that has come from a wide variety of resources. What this means for you is that you will be getting the best insurance policy from what there is available to choose from.

Another benefit of partnering with an insurance broker rather than using an agent is that the agent is not likely to be independent, such as captive agents or direct company agents. So each time that you need to amend

A good insurance broker, like DHW, will provide you with a service and level of protection that caters to your exact needs and requirements. In other words, someone who knows what they are doing and can make life easier for you as a result.

DHW has been in the insurance business for generations and we’ve partnered with every single client along the way.

DHW Brokers | Insure Your Business


It’s our Dedication, Heart and Wisdom that we bring to every client relationship. We’re your partners in protection, prevention and risk management. In fact, we’re the last insurance brokerage you’ll ever need.

Talk to our insurance broker experts today to discuss how we can help you with your insurance needs. Please contact Terry Stotka at tstotka@dhw-ins.com or 925.922.2200.