Active Listening Is Your Broker’s Greatest Asset.

DHW was founded in 1960, when the most important asset on a broker’s desk was his or her telephone. It was the direct connection from a customer to a broker about coverage, where to file a claim and get advice.

Despite advances in technology in the last 50 years, the most important asset is still the broker’s phone. Though the way the call connects is different from the way it connected in 1960, the exchange of information is no different. Not for DHW anyway. The phone is still the personal touch of the broker who listens to a client when they discuss issues, set expectations and responds in a timely manner.

That personal exchange can’t be duplicated by checkboxes and drop down menus on a browser or chat session that forces the customer to endlessly type their questions with no idea of how it affects them.

A Personal Touch.

How important is customer service? A survey conducted by Harris Interactive, found that only one percent of consumers believes their expectations for good customer service are always met. That’s staggeringly low and it is partly a result of the upward trend of online automation – especially in the insurance industry.

For many insurance brokers and agencies, the call center is wrongly viewed as a cost center and that dealing with the customer is considered an expense.

At DHW we spend a lot of time listening to our customers’ needs using the most tried and true method available, something which no technology can replace: the one-on-one conversation, Here’s where our brokers ask questions and present options to our clients that offers them the best products for their situation.

Listening is critical because your broker is your advocate and intermediary between you and the insurance carriers.

Your Advocate.

We know when you buy insurance, whether for your business or your home, you want an advocate who will thoroughly assess the risks you face and gives you an objective analysis of the marketplace. Of course, the final decision is up to you. But you can make an informed decision because you’ll have all your question answered.  At DHW our referral rate is very high and we believe it is because our current clients are satisfied with our service and want to recommend us to their friends and circles.

Our clients know that when they call back they will be talking to their broker. They know they won’t be in a long call queue waiting for the next available agent.

We discovered early on that by listening and spending extra time without our clients we provide them with the best product for their needs. No computer algorithm can do that. Listening also protects our customers because we’re not doing what we see so many in the industry do. They quickly shoehorn a client into a policy so they can move on to the next call.

In an industry changing with the growth of online automation that replaces human touch, DHW is different because we earn your trust through our deeply personalized, hands-on, consultative approach.

Active Listening Is Your Broker’s Greatest Asset.


It’s our Dedication, Heart and Wisdom that we bring to every client relationship. We’re your partners in protection, prevention and risk management. In fact, we’re the last insurance brokerage you’ll ever need.

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